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The Mystery of Scalar Waves

Scalar Waves also known as Tesla Waves or Longitudinal Waves have a mysterious past.

Tesla used these waves to transmit energy. To better understand what this means, imagine power getting from one place to another without power lines. Yes, it's a fact that Tesla did this as well as it's also a fact that the government raided all of his patents and ideas after his demise. No big surprise there...

Scalar Waves have most recently been found to be extremely useful in healing. Cancer as well as other serious issues have been quickly thwarted with specific frequencies along with scalar waves.

There's a program that is actually made specifically for healing that can also generate scalar waves called Life Frequencies. Using scalar waves with Rife Frequencies was not possible until the 2017 version of Life Frequencies was recently released.


As described by Hank Mills...

Scalar waves have quite a few unique properties which have been tested along with confirmed over the years.

  • They are capable of penetrating any solid object including Faraday Cages. You can put a transmitter in a box of thick metal as well as a receiver outside of the box will receive the scalar wave frequency you are pulsing. The potential here is for a transmitter that will sometimes penetrate any obstacle or perhaps communicate directly through the Earth from one side of the globe to the other.
  • They are capable of superluminal travel. These waves are claimed not to be electromagnetic, however composed of pure potential energy. Due to this, the speed of light limit does not apply to them. The propagation speed of a scalar wave has been measured as faster than the speed of light and also thought by some researchers to be potentially of infinite velocity.
  • They are capable of transmitting power. It can then be put to use powering motors, lights, vehicles, etc.
  • A scalar transmitter will sometimes wirelessly send power to a receiver through any obstacle. For example, as mentioned above, you will sometimes setup a transmitter, put it in a Faraday Cage or a metal box, along with a receiver could receive power far away.
  • During the process of transmission and reception they may magnify power. You can input a certain quantity of power toward a scalar wave transmitter as well as yet the receiver will sometimes receive several times the power.
  • Transmitters as well as receivers can communicate.
  • A conventional transverse wave transmitter cannot sense if a receiver has "tuned in." However, in a scalar system the transmitter as well as receiver interact because they are in a state of resonance.

The mystery behind scalar waves is just that. There are a lot of people experimenting with scalar waves today as well as are finding out more each day. They seem to be cross dimensional in state. They will sometimes be used for remote healing, because they are basically ONE energy within all energy forms (yes, people are included in that).

There have been successful experiments with levitation, transporting objects, zero point energy as well as more using scalar waves. They're exciting along with fun to work with! scalar waves on gme dogs

Scalar Wave Healing Brings Relief in Various Ailments

By Tom Paladino

People also suffer from gangrene in which their foot gets discolored, the skin starts peeling off along with sometimes it gets infected. If not treated on time, it can lead to amputation of the foot or death in severe cases. This is a condition that requires immediate treatment.

Gangrene is basically caused when the circulation of blood reduces or stops. The reason behind this condition is blood cells clumping that results in the slow flow of blood in the extremities. The problem may be alleviated only when the flow of blood is increased, however this is easier said than done.

In such extreme cases, Scalar Wave healing has proven to be quite aidful. Almost a hundred years ago, Nicola Tesla, a famous inventor experimented with this healing style, however its practical application came within existence after a lot of research and also development. The results of scalar energy are stunning. It occurs when similar waves are superimposed at 180 degree difference in phase. The energy as a result of this process is more like a field instead of a wave. This field has proven to have a lot of impact on the body.

The reason behind gangrene is a blockage in circulation along with any therapy that benefits in increasing circulation can bring about a remarkable change in the problem. Several studies have been conducted to show that the scalar energy healing method helped in unclumping of blood cells that were clumped together. This resulted in increased circulation, which will bring blood that is rich in oxygen to the affected areas thereby assisting in healing.

Chakra healing is another therapy, which has proved to be quite beneficial in providing healing in case of various ailments. Leaving a significant imprint on anything that is exposed, scalar energy offers a static waveform which is unique in itself. It has been confirmed through several studies that objects like pendants and also bracelets which comes embedded with waves of scalar energy offers impressive healing benefits.

For gangrene treatment, chakra healing also proves to be advantageous. A powerful treatment is required for treating this condition as it will sometimes soon go downhill if not treated immediately. Bio field therapeutics can assist a great deal in treating this problem. The aura gets affected with scalar energy in a highly objective manner using various physical objects generating or carrying energy rather than using energy generated by a human practitioner. When this energy is used on the human body, the bio field that radiates from outside the body and also the one that works internally permeating body tissues is improved radically with the scalar wave.

Several studies conducted in this field have proven to be quite advantageous and beneficial in the treatment of various ailments. It may also address serious ailments like gangrene. It has also benefited in treating complicated ailments. Thus, use of alternative therapies like scalar energy healing is being used increasingly.


Self Heal Go offers a lot of information about alternate Scalar Wave Healing methods that brings a remarkable change in several body conditions. Scalar energy healing is one of the processes that brings about a remarkable difference in a person's health and treat extreme problems like gangrene.

The Little Known Unique Properties of Scalar Energy

By Matt Canham

Despite being somewhat "out there," the creation of scalar energy (SE) is quite simple to understand. Dr. Valerie Hunt. PhD, Professor Emeritus at UCLA, one of the leading researchers at the in the human bio-energy field, says it's created when two opposing forces of common electromagnetic waves collide. As soon as the two opposing forces collide, they immediately cancel one another out, creating a stationary or static form of energy.

Two of the most important properties of SE is that one, it is not Hertzian, meaning it cannot be measured as regular electromagnetic waves can, along with two, it is non-linear like regular electromagnetic waves. This energy is in a class of it's own with several distinguishing properties.

One of the more fascinating properties of SE is that unlike most forces that occur in the world such as waves, rolling objects, or any directional force, SE does not decay or diminish over time. Also, the motion of SE differs from that of regular electromagnetic waves. Regular waves tend to be sent out in beams, or running through cables. SE radiates outwards from the point of collision with another wave, which resembles circles.

Another extremely rare as well as unique quality of scalar energy is that the space the energy equals is not a vacuum, meaning, the energy is unbounded to anything along with will sometimes freely move through any solid object.

The space that scalar energy fills tends to be networks of harmoniously balanced energies. Yet another rare quality of scalar energy is that it is freely created throughout the universe, or will sometimes be manually created via the collision of electromagnetic waves.

As previously mentioned, a distinguishable property of SE is that, unlike regular electromagnetic waves, it cannot be measured in Hertz. The only way to be able to view the effect that scalar energy has or to measure its concentration, is through techniques such as Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV), or Kirlian photography.

Within the next few years, more as well as more information on the unique properties will be available, discovering even more useful ways for us to harness and benefit from the powers of scalar energy. <#Keyword>

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Zero-Point Energy along with Your Health

By Pamela Barinoff

In the early 1900's there was a rise in inventions as well as theories around what was later called zero-point energy. Nicola Tesla invented quite a few fabulous machines that were ridiculed as well as discounted. Today, science is proving that those early scientists were really on to something.

We don't have any record of Tesla's inventions except for a few photos that are left so scientists have had to start from square one again to try to reconstruct how the zero-point field can be harnessed. One of the breakthroughs has been in the realm of health. The people in Korea along with Japan have been using zero-point energy wands for several years now for pain management, sleep disorders and also other health issues.

Within the last year, the craze has hit North America. Zero-point energy wands look like a pen though they restore the sense of unity with the zero-point field. It is called phase-locking. When a body part comes out of phase-lock due to accident, surgery, injury or unhealthy eating, it doesn't heal properly or sickens, loses vitality and so on. The theory behind the wands is that they restore the sense of oneness, since everything in the Universe is connected to everything else by an intricate wave structure formation. Each wave is locked to every other wave by a process called phase-locking. The spaces between every atom in your body is a phase-locked wave locked to every other wave in your body. These waves contain scalar energy, ergon particles and bio- photon particles, which interact with our bodies providing us with energy for biological processes along with vitality. This is of course, in addition to our food intake.

The zero-point energy wand is an energy transference device that creates a vortex when you move it over the skin or above the skin that provides the gateway to restore oneness in cells, tissues and also body parts. You've heard the expression we're all one, now science has proved it. When the cells lose their innate communication with each other, physical and mental health becomes affected. Restore that connection to Source, innate memory returns and also healing begins because the body knows how to fix itself. Now you are the natural healer that you were meant to be. You have tapped in along with harnessed the energy of the zero- point field and also all it took was to move something that looks like a pen over somewhere that hurts or place it on a table beside your bed with the tip pointing at your pillow along with the magic happens.


Pamela Barinoff is Vice President of Innovative Ionizing Technologies Inc, the research, development and also distribution company for zero-point energy as well as ionizing water technologies. Visit the website at http://www.iyashiwand.com or http://www.iithealth.com.